Night vision driving glasses

Night vision driving glasses – HD Night view Sunglasses

Night vision driving glassesNight driving glasses made with an anti-reflective coating on the lenses which is an ultra thin film of zircon and silicon minimizes the internal reflection in the lenses. Generally normal glasses can block only a few of part of light while anti reflective layered glasses can send more light and improve the vision at night time.

How Night vision glasses work?

Regular sunglasses are not manufactured to block glares and dims all lights, even the lights necessary for good night time vision. So wearing regular sunglasses while driving can compromise your vision during low light. Night vision driving  glasses on the other hand only block out the lights that causes glare giving you clear and bright vision all the time. Night vision glasses have specially coated yellow lenses. The lenses are coated with a thin film of silicon and zircon, which acts as a protective shield and filters out unwanted lights. It protects your eyes from glares by blocking the blue light produced by headlights and gives you a much clearer view of the night

NightView NV

Some Features from Night Vision Glasses

1. Glare protection

This is the most common feature that can be found in most Driving Glasses Ar Coating and Scratch Coatings. This technology is very useful for all drivers who want to drive their vehicles safely. Most glasses are equipped with superior technology that can provide the best protection against glares from headlights or streetlights.

2. UV protection

Some products are protected with this UV protection. Therefore, they may be used at daytime to protect users’ eyes from any UV rays. These UV rays can be dangerous for human eyes because these rays can cause blind or eye disorders. Many drivers want to protect their eyes from the exposure of these lights by wearing these driving sunglasses.

3. Low light vision

This is another important feature added to some driving glasses. This low light vision mode allows all users see any objects on the road clearly. As the result, drivers can control their vehicles easily during night time. This low light vision usually uses image enhancement technology for assisting all users.

Night View NV Glasses

Night View NV glasses are versatile and stylish  glasses which are specifically designed to be worn day or night and in any weather. The special yellow lenses protect against UVA and UVB rays from the sun, and when used at night, they nearly eliminate glare from headlights and street lights.  To buy Night view NV glasses

At the moment , Night View NV glasses are available online for a limited time offer buy one pair get the second pair  free. This offer is available for $10 plus shipping and handling.

Just for $5 per pair of glasses , you can upgrade your order to the platinum set which is scratch resistant, polarized lenses and includes a 1 year warranty .

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