Easy View HD vs. Night View NV Glasses

By | October 26, 2013

Easy View XT vs. Night View driving  Glasses

Night vision driving glassesNight driving  glasses do help to reduce the glare , especially those that are made specifically to help reduce glare. But anyone who has used them knows they are not 100% effective. Easy View is actually a better alternative than sunglasses, as you only flip it down when needed, while night view glasses can actually make it too dark at times, and sometimes you aren’t wearing them when the sunlight or glare happens. Then you find yourself hunting around for them at just the time you really need them.

Also, sunglasses tend to get lost or broken, requiring replacements from time to time, while Easy View stays safe and sound on your car’s visor. As well, Easy View XT is a lot cheaper than glare-reducing sunglasses. However, if you still like using sunglasses, there is no problem. Easy View is still beneficial for those times then the sunglasses just aren’t helpful enough.

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