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By | October 2, 2013

Easy View XT- Flip-down Glare Blocker

Easy view HDAny driver who has ever been blinded by the sun while driving knows how hazardous this situation can be. The built in car visors are often not enough to keep the glare on the windshield or the direct sunlight itself from impairing vision and creating very dangerous driving conditions. This serious situation can be alleviated by the use of a new product called Easy View XT, the flip-down glare blocker with a [easyazon_link asin=”B000TJWSUM” locale=”US” new_window=”yes” nofollow=”yes” tag=”nightvisionnvglasses-20″ add_to_cart=”yes” cloaking=”yes” localization=”yes” popups=”yes”]Polarized High Density Sun Diffuser [/easyazon_link] .

How Does Easy View XT Work?

Traditional visors don’t always block the sun and even when they do, they also partially block your view. Easy View XT is made of a clear acrylic that you can see through, and it has a perfect tint that diffuses light and glare, allowing you to keep the road in sight. Even with the morning sun, which often makes it impossible to see clearly, and causes you to squint further decreasing your field of vision, Easy View XT will always give you a clear view with comfortable vision.

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Easy View XT Visor


How much it cost ?

Easy View XT  costs just 10 USD when purchased from the official site http://www.easyviewXT.com  or  https://www.easyviewxt.ca . Shipping is $7.95, and under a special; offer you can get a second visor free by paying just the additional shipping cost. This makes the total cost of two visors just $25.90.      


How to Assemble Easy View XT ?

Easy View XT is actually very easy to assemble. In fact, there really is no assembly required. Simply slide it onto any visor and it will stay there securely, ready for you to flip it down in a split second when needed. Sun and glare will be immediately neutralized, putting the protection you need right at your fingertips.

Likewise, Easy View XT is the perfect solution to late afternoon glare, and it even reduces the glare from oncoming headlights at night. This is an amazing product that will help keep you and your family safe when faced with any of these hazardous situations.


Advantages of Easy View XT

– Easy View XT can be used in any car
– Easily slides onto any visor and stays securely in place
– No tools are needed to install Easy View
– Have confidence that you will be protected from sunlight and glare
– Flips down on a moment’s notice
– Keeps you and your family safer when driving
– Works better than (or in addition to) expensive sunglasses


Easy View XT is an amazing new product that slips right onto your car’s visor, and is ready at a moment’s notice to be flipped down when sunlight, glare or oncoming car lights impede your vision. Easy View view can give you confidence that you are helping to keep you and your family safer when traveling in a car, as it actively encourages safer driving. At the low price of $10 plus shipping, you can hardly afford not to get them.

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  1. Mike Davidson

    Great product for short people like me. It catches the late afternoon sun when the traditional sun visor is just too short.
    I find that it also reduces the glare on icy roads in winter.
    Fantastic price for a useful product!

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